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19th Sept 2011 until Sunday 25th Sept 2011

1 Revisit your e-portfolio and add multimedia assets as are appropriate. This will enable 
you to showcase some of the skills you’ve developed in the Challenges. Add a post to 
your blog and let people know that it is available for comment.

EpCop Mooc Skype group Thanks to Carole, Liz and Jan for participating ......

2 Prepare a post of your learning journey into your own reflective blog; providing a summary of your experiences, your connections, your new skills and your thirst for more 
e-portfolio practice.

3 Critically examine how you will continue to use your e-portfolio(s) in the next few years 
and create a future action plan to support your ‘desire path’ in e-learning. Include in your 
action planning how to address the 10 Must Have’s for your e-portfolio. Post this in your 
blog and add it directly into your e-portfolio

4 Identify how you plan to ‘use an e-portfolio approach’ to your ongoing studies and lifelong learning and post a comment in the MOOC blog at: http://moocepcop.edublogs.

5 Share your thoughts and recommendations on ways of improving your E-portfolio and 
this MOOC in a final webinar.

6 Reflect on your own achievements throughout the MOOC and gather each badge to 
embed on your blog or website.

7 Add your voice or text comment to the continuous story of the EpCoP MOOC experiences in Voicethread.
The EpCoP MOOC Survivors Voicethread will be available throughout the MOOC.

8 Attend the webinar on Tuesday September 20 at 11 am; Guest Presenters: David Morgan, 
the WorkLab, Skillsbook and Allison Miller, Business Manager, Eportfolios, AU

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How to Participate in the MOOC

This short post is intended to help you participate in the Massive Open Online Course, of MOOC. It won't cover everything, but it should be enough to get you started. Note that how don't have to participate this way; it's just recommended as a good place to start.

My blog is going to use for this course. I find blog better than WORD PRESS
http://change2011inbendigovictoriaaustralia.blogspot.com/ the link 
Ian Hall 
19th Sept 2011

About ihall2057

I am a casual relief teacher and do voluntary work witha BFS kiosk. I have completed TAA/TAE. Completion of all assessment for Cert IV in Employment Services in February 2007, Qualified teacher and experienced trainer. (Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training) I have excellent IT skills – E-learning, POWERPOINT, WORD, ACCESS, MYOB and ACROBAT. I am an excellent communicator with demonstrated ability to build rapport and impart knowledge to broad range of clients. I have done training in “Upload your next career” courses. I am aware of “Overcoming my barriers to employment” via undertaking courses. I have participated in The Power of Focus: A guide to help you balance and achieve your goals in all areas of your life developed by Linda and Lesley Brooks. I undertake mind mapping skills via Mapping Inner Space by Nancy Margulies and Mind jet Software. I have good leadership, Coaching and Teambuilding via training with Don Kinney. Trained in the Personal Power II The Driving Force by Anthony Robbins. Qualified in “How to be a Successful Consultant and Marketing Tools for Consultants” by Ian Benjamin. Achieved master training in Meditation and Life Essentials by Michael Rowland. Assisted with The Future In You via True Learning Centre with Glen Capelli.


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