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Skype’s 2012 Streak Continues: New High of 36 Million Concurrent Users Sunday « Skype Journal

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The three-month spike continues as 36 million Skypers signed into their accounts at the same time today, around 2PM Eastern time 11 March 2012. Why has six months of growth come to this community in less than 80 days this year? I have four guesses. Guess 1: A market in the Americas, likely Mexico or Brazil is using Skype more. Brazil, populous on the eastern coast of South America has 220 million mobile users (as of August 2011) and 16.5 million landline broadband users. Mexico has 11.3 million on landline and Guess 2: Skype’s software release cycle is faster. Skype sped up the rate at which new versions of Skype for Windows, Skype for Mac, and Skype on mobiles are coming out. This brings in new users and brings back latent users. Guess 3: More people are staying logged in thanks to improved user experience and more people they know or work with being in-network. Guess 4: Mobile is finally contributing to dialtone. Most mobile users ran Skype only when necessary, avoiding long startup times and battery/CPU consumption. Skype’s recent tweaks to iOS and Android apps improve on usability, launch speed and background behavior so Skype may stay connected to the network longer and be brought back to the front more often. Last speculation: Perhaps Skype is finally keeping users from leaving, tilting the adoption/defection balance so new users increase dialtone.
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