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I love e-learning.. I recently joined the E-portfolio Mooc. It is amazing to see how many resources and how much collaboration takes place. I strongly believe I am going to benefit a lot.   I have participated in the Reflect and Connect course in Feb-May 2010. A fabulous course.

I created web sites http://eworks.maharasites.com/view/view.php?t=6GNwoTOnlmcuY84hUKHd and then with E-Skills created http://mahara.e-skills.com.au/view/view.php?t=Vgogyi0H3 with tab links to many areas of my life including mind mapping and voluntary activities. Check them out comments appreciated always.

I have always had an emphasis on online training, teaching and learning. I’m hoping this will lead to employment in the area of online professional development for educators.I have always been interested in  Eportfolio conversations with many gmails via the BFS kiosks groups. This has progressed me into the role of EpCoPMOOC Volunteer Challenge Mentor. I’m delighted to be involved and believe that teaching and learning in online communities– MOOC, is one of the many ways of the future for educators and their lifelong learning.

I am undertaking  IT volunteer at The HUB in Eaglehawk – 8 computers (2 days a week) plus the Broadband for Seniors Internet kiosk. Email: hubbfs11@gmail.com

At Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services (LCMS) I do voluntary work for 2 days a week as Information technology trainer, training trainers for the Broadband for Seniors Internet Kiosk, Web Designer for www.lcms.org.au using FrontPage 2003 in design and assisting migrants with issues.Email: lcms2011@gmail.com

Have undertaken Ellumination (now Blackboard/Collaboration) moderating sessions on Skype and an adventure for the kiosks across Australia..

I have watched a Blackboard/Collaboration 11: Better Together (section 5) info session at:.


I am a member of Learn Central.http://www.learncentral.org/ A great resource for learners.

I would love to  integrate the 21st Century digital pedagogy into the curriculum there is a need to more support for the many teachers and trainers.

I have updated my training ability with the  completion of the 8 modules in a bridging program for TAA40104 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with Line Management Institute of Training http://www.lmit.edu.au/

I also do voluntary work with L2P for new drivers attempting to get their P plate licence.

I have undertaken casual relief primary school teaching in a number of  primary schools in Bendigo in 2010.

I like playing chess and doing mind mapping iMindmap Version 5 -Tony Buzan for many applications in life such as CV creation.

Enterprise Business Web site: http://www.ian-hall-it-training.com.au/ 

Ian Hall IT training: ABN 89145874949

Blog: ihall2057.blogspot.com

Main WEB SITE: https://sites.google.com/site/ianhallseportfolio/

Google WEB SITE: https://profiles.google.com/ihall2005/about



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