3rd week: Mon 15th until Sunday 21st August 2011

Blackboard/Collaboration here is some introduction sessions on using it

There is guides to stepping up  Blackboard/Collaboration

Here is a Voicethread on participants. (Blackboard/Collaboration).

Classroom 2.0 Blackboard/Collaboration with heaps of information on the new version 11. Have a look at the livebinder for all the links.

LiveBinder Link: http://livebinders.com/play/play/110653
(Note: Click on tab for Blackboard Collaborate, Aug. 13 2011 in the LiveBinder.) There is heaps of useful information for moderators and participants check it out

Facebook versus Google Plus LOTS OF QUESTIONS…Great resource

I have joined Symbaloo have a look at : Symbaloo

I have joined Pearl Trees have a look at:  Pearl Tree

View Dr Helen Barrett’s: Blurring the Boundaries video and Graham Attwell’s: E-portfolio Development and Implementationvideo

Helen has a great way of telling what ePortfolios are: document of mastery, accomplishments what I have done over the years, timeless and ageless.

Graham has a informative presentation on the different purposes: assessment portfolio, presentation portfolio, personal development planning and personal learning portfolio. E-portfolio owed by the owner..Reflection is important to undertake.

  1. Add your comments about these questions in the Network forum for Topic 2 Why?
    What is your purpose in keeping an e-portfolio?
    What impact will technology, social networking and reflection have on you in your learning?
  2. Attend the upcoming webinars on E-portfolio Impact and Purpose : August 16 11am Tuesday at the Australia e-Series Blackboard Collaborate room – see World Clock
  3. Read the listed blog articles and gather points of view on why we keep e-portfolios. 
    Dithering about eportfolio – A Why? Case Study by Sarah Stewart
    Independent learning – A Why? perspective by Ray Tolley
  4. Create a planning document that displays the purpose of your e-portfolio and share it with your group in the network. View sample templates from the E-portfolios Gallery.
  5. Visit the AFLF resource bank at E-portfolios and select further resources for sharing with your group.
  6. Listen to practitioners on ‘Why we keep e-portfolios.’ (Listen to Radio EpCoP Episode 2 for latest podcasts)
  7. Summarise your activities this week and post to your blog – include links to your preferred resources.
    Note: read these helpful hints for effective blog posts
The Creation of the Symbaloo
The creation of a Pearl Tree
Linked to Pearl Tree
Skype for education
International Journal of ePortfoilio
On Tuesday 16th August 2011 night I was in the EpCop Mooc Skypers area doing a share with Simon and a transfer of music with Adrienne what an experience.
Skype and Facebook developing good relationship

Skype video plus on 18th August 2011..update version of Skype link given. This is a great link to the update version Where to get the update: File HIPPO

Skype…..it never may end updates

Interest info on Skype

Skype video http://fora.tv/2011/07/21/Deal_of_the_Day_Lessons_from_Skype

Here is a link to learning…Skype
Kim Confino presentation: http://kimcofino.com/


EduMooc 2011…viewable on Blog
Ian Hall
Sun 21st August 2011


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