4th week..Monday 22nd until Sunday 28th August 2011

Thanks Coach Carol for this
Find more videos like this on EpCoP MOOC

A great resource from Coach Carol: My week ahead


I view the  webinar at the Australia e-Series Elluminate room – 11am Tuesday August 23; Guest Presenters: PebblePad e-portfolio system Alison Poot, TAS, AU; Eportfolios in the cloud Jenni Parker and Tara Smith.

Wednesday 24th 11-12 noon I  was moderator on Mind Mapping. The webinar on mindmapping with Junita and Ian, was mind blowing, so many possibilities. Some MOOCers are now hooked on a variety of mindmapping tools and you can see a selection of these from Ian’s Scoop it at: http://www.scoop.it/t/imindmap

We talked about ways in which you would use a mindmap for mapping your networks, your learning resources, your website, your lesson plans, your reflections and many more.

Come on in and tell us how you would use mindmaps and how they would fit within your e-portfolios!

Here’s the link to this great interactive session on Mindmapping.

  1. LIVE BINDERS http://livebinders.com/play/play/165702
  2. SCOOP IT http://www.scoop.it/t/imindmap
  3. THINK BUZAN http://www.thinkbuzan.com/uk/support/mindmapgallery
  4. BASIC MIND MAP http://www.thinkbuzan.com/intl/products/imindmap/basic


Tony Buzan’s iMindMap Mind Mapping Software


Introducing iMindMap


Maximise the Power of Your Brain


iMindMap: How to Create a Mind Map


Thursday 25th August 2011…I visited the ep california wiki to explore the list of EP systems and explore what practitioners have to say about e-portfolios in the cloud.

I have explored  one or two e-portfolio platform/tool(s) .  My preferred e-portfolio tool and have began planning my e-portfolio.

Have a  account from two  of the major e-portfolio systems Mahara(e-Skills) and FolioSpaces. I have a few  in the clouds -Wikispace, Word Press , NetVibes and Googlesites.

I will  post an article in your blog about the reasons for your choice. Which one?????

Listen to practitioners talk about their experiences with several of the e-portfolio tools/plaftorms in the Radio EpCoP Episode 3.

Participate in focus discussion groups about the selected e-portfolio tool in the Network forum discussion for Topic 3. Where?

Gather useful instructions, videos and other support resources from the Resource Kit to help you as you begin your e-portfolio.

Create an e-portfolio action plan. For help with this, view these instructions and these sample Action Plans

Contact one of the mentors who can help you with your e-portfolio – you may have access to these mentors within the EpCoP MOOC Ning network or in your organisation. eg the QUT Mentors or the Novice helpline group 

Ian Hall
Friday 26th August 2011


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